Volozhin without barriers

 Information about accessible tourist services in Volozhin district

About Volozhin district

Volozhin district is located in the west of Minsk region. The main natural point of interest of the region is Naliboki Forest - the largest forest in Belarus. Also there are a lot of historical and cultural attractions (184 architectial, historical and cultural monuments).

The fate of many famous people is connected with Volozhin district: Symon Budny (Polish-Belarusian humanist, educator, Bible translator), Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich (Belarusian writer, poet, dramatist and social activist), Shimon Peres (he ninth President of Israel), Ida Rosenthal (businesswoman, dressmaker and inventor of the modern brassiere), etc.

Volozhin district is unique due to the number of interesting creative initiatives in the field of tourism. One of outstanding examples is the Greenway “Volozhin Roads” which comprises several eco-museums, art galleries more than 30 estates which have “their own face” and unique programs for tourists. The international route “EuroVelo-2” is being laid through the district (here you can find detailed description of the route).

 But the main wealth of the district is active, talented, bright, creative people. Their concentration here is so great, their initiatives are so interesting, and the partnership and interaction is so strong that this region can be called the territory of creative economy. And we definitely advise you to visit Volozhin!

About the project "Valozhyn without barriers"

Volozhin district is the first in Belarus, which set a very ambitious goal - to become accessible to all categories of tourists, including those who have special needs.

The overall objective of the project was increasing the capacity of and support Volozhin district authorities, non-state organizations, and other providers of social and recreation services in making Volozhin an exemplary district where social and recreational services are accessible to people with disabilities and where social inclusion is encouraged and practiced.

In frame of the project "Volozhin without barriers" in the Volozhin district were created:

• accessible ecological trail “Belokorets”

• Five available recreational and educational programs for people with disabilities in farmsteads “Ganka”, “Bees World”, “Koni-Poni”, “Nalibokskie Vasil’ki”

• Seven tourist routes around the district

• Tourist Information Center, with the hostel accessible to people with disabilities and conference room.

All these thigs were implemented due to the coordinated work of a team with like-minded people from Volozhin District Executive Committee, Interaction Foundation, Belarusian Association “Country Escape”, Public association "Belarusian Society of Disabled People" and  the residents of the Volozhinsky District!

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